Chestnut American Saddlebreds offered for sale:

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Cat Supreme
(CM's Rampage x Starheart's Lacy Rose)
1996 Chestnut Saddlebred Mare

Well broke to ride. Has been ridden in the mountains. Great broodmare.

Supreme Kitten, I'm The Cat's Pajamas, Hot Smokin' Gold and Supreme Lance - all out of Cat Supreme

Dancing Trooper
(Gold Suntana x Cash Me In)
1999 Chestnut Saddlebred Gelding

Well broke to ride. Has been ridden and packed in mountains.

Crimson Glory Be
(Gold Suntana x Lacy Shantilli)
2002 Chestnut Saddlebred Mare
16+ hands
Dark, True Liver chestnut Mare, this girl is up right, sloping shoulders, flat croup, high tail set, and oh so gorgeous of a mover. Excellent under saddle, will please in every way. She will be a winner in all disciplines.

Great Guns
(Gold Suntana x Dagga Dabba Do)
2002 Chestnut Saddlebred Gelding
15.3+ hands

Bright Red Chestnut, well started under saddle, no blemishes or bad habits, wonderful ground manners. Trailers, Lounges, works well in the arena, nice on the trails. He will make an excellent Dressage horse, three day, endurance, trail, etc And he is so very friendly..

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Suntana's Velvet Rose
(Gold Suntana x Starheart's Lacy Rose)
2003 Liver Chestnut Saddlebred Mare
16 hands

True deep Liver Chestnut Mare, Well started under Saddle, A real eye catcher very upright and correct, great top line and tail set, would make a wonderful 3 or 5 gaited show Horse, Dressage, trail etc

Antigo's Firefly
(CM's Rampage x I'm Alredi Gold)
2003 Chestnut Saddlebred Mare
15.3 hands
Started Under saddle, a quick learner. Graceful and exceptionaly smooth. She will make a good all around mount, especially on the trail , pleasure or even Dressage etc. She will Park Out, Lounges, Long Lines, Trailers, no bad habits or blemishes.  

Whispering Rain Dancer
(Gold Suntana x K.S. Katrina)
2003 Chestnut Saddlebred Mare
15.2 hands
Started under Saddle, very sweet, gentle, nice ground manners, no bad habits or blemishes. Parks out, Lounges, trailers, has been used on the trail, would be good at any discipline you would put her to.

I'm Country Sunshine
(Gold Suntana x Out-Guess)
2004 Chestnut Saddlebred Mare
15.3 hands
Good looking Gal, with a flaxen mane and tail. She is big and bold and beautiful. She likes to move and she is smooth. She is very talented and will turn inside out for you. Parks out, Lounges, no bad habits or blemishes, loves people, looking for some one to go home with.

(Gold Suntana x Annie Lorrie)
2005 Chestnut Saddlebred Gelding
15.3 hands
He has a cool flaxen mane and tail. He is very friendly and true to his name is especially smooth. Very nice trot, a real good mover, he will be started under saddle soon . He has lovely ground manners, Parks out , Lounges, Long lines, no blemishes or bad habits. Nice conformation all the way around.

Dancing Sunrise
(Gold Suntana x Heidi Heidi Ho)
2005 Chestnut Saddlebred Mare
15.1 hands

Very Pretty bright chestnut filly, well built powerful moving, but extremely smooth, quick on her feet. Parks out, Lounges Long Lines, no bad habits or blemishes, will make a good trail Horse, endurance, games jumping etc scheduled to start under saddle soon

Starheart's Shining Praise
(Gold Suntana x Starheart's Lacy Rose)
2007 Chestnut Saddlebred Gelding
Maturing to 16.2 hands
Tall lanky fellow, very friendly, interested in what you are up to. Dark Liver chestnut, a real looker. Toppy, flat croup, high tail, strong mover, lots of go power. A very talented horse, will do well in most all disciplines

Sterling Brave
(Gold Suntana x Doubletree's As Good As Gold)
2007 Chestnut Saddlebred Gelding
Will mature to 15.2 to 16 hands
Breath taking head, large kind eyes, bold mover, a cuddle bug. He’s a pleaser, and wants to hang out with you. He is a fast learner and has wonderful motion. He parks out, Lounges, Long lines, No blemishes or bad habits, comes when you call. Will make an all around great horse.

Supreme Kitten
(Gold Suntana x Cat Supreme)
2007 Chestnut Mare
Maturing to 16 + Hands

Tiffany's Heart
(Sailor's Alaska Glacier Gold x Lacy Shantilli)
2008 Chestnut Saddlebred Mare
Will mature to 16.2 to 17+ Hands
Huge, strong, correct filly and what a mover. She will make a 3 or 5 Gaited star, or a fantastic Dressage, Jumper, all around show prospect.

Antigo's Hot Time
(Sailor's Alaska Glacier Gold x Doubletree's As Good As Gold)
2008 Chestnut Saddlebred Mare
Will mature to 15.2 to 16 hands

Supreme Lance
(Sailor's Alaska Glacier Gold x
Cat Supreme)
2009 Chestnut Saddlebred Gelding

Shimmering Lace
(Sailor's Alaska Glacier Gold x Lacy Shantilli)
2009 Chestnut Saddlebred Mare

True Eagle Scout
(Sailor's Alaska Glacier Gold x Crimson Glory Be)
2009 Chestnut Saddlebred Gelding

America's Flag
(Gold Suntana x Cash Me In)
2010 Chestnut Saddlebred Gelding

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